Anesthesia Equipment

The very best in Veterinary Equipment and services

Founded in 2003, originally as an Anesthesia Machine sales and service distributor, through hard work, dedication and experience, Our product line has grown to include, anesthetic vaporizers, Ventilators, monitors, Dental equipment, IV Pumps, Surgical tables, autoclaves, cages, Med gas equipment, waste gas systems, and replacement parts for most brands.

We also manufacture custom items, such as shelves, brackets in our fully equipped machine shop located in San Diego. When the other guys can't find it, or say it does not exist, chances are we either have it, or we can make it for you.

We not only sell these items and their related accessories, but we also install and service this equipment.

We manufacture our own waste gas systems, and can design a system for you.

We are extensively involved at the ground floor with Veterinarians during the construction phase of their new practice, with advice, med gas installation services and designs for most services required by a new or expanding practice.

While we service all makes of Anesthesia machines, we sell only one brand. The MODUflex line of Anesthesia machines has proven to be extremely sturdy, easy to maintain resulting in minimal down time over more than 30 years in the industry.

Moduflex  designs take into consideration the specific needs of the Veterinary market . All MODUflex Anesthesia machines are built with the Veterinarian and Veterinary technician in mind. They are not adapted from the human market but built for the animal care market.

MODUflex machines are in service throughout the world, in more than 23 countries, and carry with them the reputation of highly   efficient and durable anesthesia machines. Considered the "Rolls Royce" of the industry, yet surprisingly affordable for all clinics.

With more than 19 available models, from Laboratory research units through to our top of the line  Optimax model, you are sure to find a model to suit your needs and budget, without compromising for quality or top notch features.

At first glance, Veterinarians and technicians see our machines, at a trade show for example, and assume they are beyond their budget. When inquiring about pricing, they are always pleasantly surprised at how competitively priced these machines are.

Great designs do not have to be expensive.

All our MODUflex Anesthesia machines carry an unparalleled 5 Year warranty, which demonstrates our confidence in our products.

Browse our Webpages for more information   or contact us toll free at  (877) 416-3172.

We will be pleased to assist you in any way we can, regardless of where you are!