Maintenance and Repair of Veterinary Equipment

US Veterinary Equipment offers preventative maintenance and repair services for all your veterinary equipment. Our wide range of replacement parts allows for faster repairs therefore avoiding delays caused by  malfunctioning hardware. We perform maintenance and repairs on most equipment found in your practices, such as tables, anesthesia machines, including vaporizer calibration verification, pumps, evacuation systems and medical gas pipelines.
For more information on this service, contact a US Vet Technical representative by email at [email protected] or by telephone at 1.877.416.3172.

Typical description of Anesthesia machine service

Our service includes verification of leaks at all levels from high pressure through to patient circuit. This includes all valves, bags, circuits, flowmeters, pop off valves, absorber components, flush valve, connectors both low and high pressure.

We then tear down the flowmeter(s) and clean the flowmeter tube, float, protective cover, and verify all functions of the flowmeter valve. Proper operation is verified and corrected as necessary. Actual delivery of the flowmeter in Lpm is verified for accuracy. i.e. at 1Lpm what are you really getting?

The absorber assembly is torn down inspected for cracks in housing, O Rings, Gaskets, Seats etc. proper operation of the pop off valve is verified and corrected as necessary.

Tightness of all high and low pressure components is verified and corrected as necessary.

Vaporizer calibration is verified with the use of a Riken Digital Electronic agent monitor, to confirm actual Anesthetic agent delivery, i.e. at 2% setting on the vaporizer, what are you really getting.

We carry with us a full complement of repair parts, tubing, valves, regulators, flowmeters and vaporizers etc to minimize any downtime.

You are consulted throughout the process, as to necessary parts replacements which may or may not be required.

After completion a full written, signed report is presented for your files.

Above all and very important, we understand the importance of quality workmanship, and keeping your downtime to a minimum, all the while delivering our services with a smile. As such we handle both Preventive Maintenance services and emergency repairs.

We also install, and service entire med gas pipelines and waste gas systems, in both existing and new construction.

References are of course available upon request.