Moduflex Compact – Field Service Anesthesia Machine

By Dispomed ltd

Veterinary anesthesia machine for rebreathing and small animal applications

The Moduflex Compact for field service is the perfect unit to bring everywhere. The 5 year warranty anesthesia machine is assembled in a hard carrying Case with wheels.

Moduflex Compact Field Service Anesthesia Machine
standard features
  • 0 to 15 lpm oxygen flowmeter
  • Recessed flush valve to prevent accidental activation
  • Quick-connect fresh gas outlet for easy and secure switching between breathing circuits
  • Screw type SELECTATECTM vaporizer mounting system.
  • 1500 ml CO2 absorber designed for easy and fast replenishing of sodalime
  • Condensation trap to prevent water build-up in sodalime
  • Easy and efficient gas sealing
  • Momentary closed feature incorporated into our pop-off valve
  • 5 year warranty

Features included

  • Moduflex Bain circuit adaptor
  • Y Patient Circuit
  • Bain Circuit
  • 1 liter Rebreathing Bag
  • 2 liter Rebreathing Bag
  • 3 liter Rebreathing Bag
  • Fresh gas tube
  • Fresh gas outlet
  • krytox grease
  • Isoflurane Anesthesia vaporizer
  • Carrying case on wheels